Artem Dziuba: “Until we change the mentality, we will be clamped down and afraid. Lazio is a solid team with an excellent coach "

artem dzyuba poka ne izmenim mentalitet tak i budem zazhimatsya i boyatsya latsio dobrotnaya komanda s prekrasnym trenerom

Zenit striker Artem Dziuba commented on the defeat to Lazio in the match of the 4th round of the Champions League group stage (1: 3).

- First of all, we must apologize to the fans, to the city. The champion of the country has no right to act like that. It's a shame, because in the game you can feel that you can play with Lazio.

I think our problem is mentality. We need to stop being afraid, everyone should be responsible for the result, there should be responsibility, both team and individual. Until there is a mentality to play to win all the time, so we will, unfortunately ...

See how European teams play: relaxed, not afraid, everything is clear. Although they are the same people as we are. Until we change the mentality, we will be clamped down, afraid, skipped, then recoup ... If we can play with them like this on a certain segment, why can't we constantly? We need to work on this. I hope this trend will change someday.

Opponents come under pressure and immediately create moment after moment. We have to play more compactly and more aggressively. In the Champions League, you cannot switch on 5-10 minutes after the start. You have to engage in single combats from the first second, control the ball.

Also our big scourge: the first thought is to give back, not forward. They always taught that the first movement should be forward, but with us everything is the other way around. I repeat, this is mentality, psychology, some kind of tightness.

Lazio - with a victory, in any case. A very interesting team with an excellent coach, unlike anyone else. Solid, with interesting performers.

- Do Zenit have a chance to compete for the Europa League?

- There is a football field where issues need to be resolved. We must do everything to fight for the Eurospring. The point, then, is it all? What are we fighting for? We all need to change the mentality, - said Dziuba.

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