Barcelona v Real Madrid: who will win? Genich and other experts gave predictions for the outcome of the classic

barselona real kto pobedit genich i drugie eksperty dali prognozy na ishod klasiko

El Classico is a match that every connoisseur of true football should see. And tomorrow Match TV will provide us with this opportunity.
Probably for this match there are a huge number of predictions with the deepest analytics and appropriate logical thinking. But those who have been following this merciless derby for a long time know that the result of the match is completely unpredictable, and even given the state of the teams, it is in this principled game that clubs can play one of the best matches of the season. And nevertheless, I want to lay out my vision of the upcoming game.
So why Barça? Firstly, the game at home, Camp Nou, even without fans, is saturated with positive energy, and every footballer will have to feel the strength of their home walls, and this, by the way, is an important factor in the game of equal teams. Can Barça be called equal to Real Madrid at this time? In my opinion, Barça's lineup looks preferable, especially in the attacking line, the middle line and defense of the clubs are quite balanced and practically equal.
As for the absent, the owners of the significant ones are Jordi Alba, and of course one of the best goalkeepers in the world - Andrei Ter Stegen. Real Madrid has more significant losses, the hope of Madrid's Eden Hazard cannot be restored in any way, Edegor, attacking Marian Diaz is injured, from which Zidane has to release teenagers like Vinicius and Rodrigo in attack, who scored no more than ten goals per pair in their career. But the main thing is the absence of the immortal Sergio Ramos. Ramos for Real is like General Franco for the Spanish nationalists, and there is info that Ramos, like Franco, will hold office until his death ... But this is not certain.
Without Ramos in the last Champions League match, Real conceded as many as three goals from the rotated Shakhtar. Barcelona, in turn, defeated the Hungarian Ferencvaros 5: 1 and playing in the minority.
And in general, with the start of La Liga, Barça looks more confident in the game, while Real hardly beat the middle peasants, and in some matches it just bounced off.
And of course Messi, this bonus is again in favor of the Catalans.
Probably we will not see a scattering of goals as in previous meetings between these clubs, but there is no doubt that the game will be eventful for all sorts of events. LCDs, penalties, fouls, and even deletions are all possible given the condition of the players.
The victory of Barça and the total under 2.5 is a fully passable rate, we do not bet without risks, the victory of the hosts is simple and we are watching high-quality football.

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