Members of the British Parliament called for a ban on Chelsea and Everton from participating in international projects because of Navalny's list for ties with Abramovich and Usmanov

chleny britanskogo parlamenta iz za spiska navalnogo prizvali zapretit chelsi i evertonu uchastvovat v mezhdunarodnyh proektah za svyaz s abramovichem i usmanovym

Members of the UK Parliament have called for a ban on Chelsea and Everton from participating in some international football projects.

The appeal of 24 MPs from 6 parties, led by Leyla Moran, an official of the Liberal Democratic Party for Foreign Affairs, is caused by the fact that the owner of Chelsea Roman Abramovich and businessman Alisher Usmanov, associated with Everton (USM holding owned by Usmanov owns the rights to the name of the stadium club), were included in the list of Alexei Navalny, where he named the Russiansagainst which sanctions should be imposed.

The letter was sent to British Foreign Secretary Dominik Raab.

Members of Parliament want Chelsea and Everton to be excluded from the following international projects: the Premier Skills program to develop and train grassroots football coaches, and from the GREAT campaign, the UK government's advertising campaign promoting trade and investment in the UK. This campaign is supported by the Premier League.

Navalny's list also includes politician Igor Shuvalov (chairman of the state development corporation VEB.RF, which owns CSKA), head of VTB bank Andrei Kostin (VTB owns Dynamo Moscow) and his deputy Denis Bortnikov, Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev and TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev.

The British Parliament called on to freeze the assets of Abramovich and Usmanov due to the arrest of Navalny

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