Dyukov on Sputnik V: “I was vaccinated back in September. It provides the necessary protection, there are no side effects. "

dyukov o sputnike v vaktsinirovalsya eshhe v sentyabre on daet nuzhnuyu zashhitu pobochnyh effektov net

RFU President Alexander Dyukov shared his opinion on the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine.

“I myself was vaccinated with Sputnik V back in September. In the circle of my acquaintances, there were no side effects. The vaccine helped create the desired immune response. No one got sick from those who were vaccinated.

Sputnik V provides the protection you need. The general secretary, the head coach of the national team were also vaccinated. They feel great.

We cannot force the players to do this, it must be their voluntary decision. But overall, I think this is important. And for footballers, and for the national team, and for fans. We have important matches ahead that will affect our qualification for Qatar.

Missing a match of any candidate for the national team complicates this task for coaches and partners. We hope that players understand the importance of vaccination. This is in the interests of the entire football community and millions of our fans, ”said Dyukov.

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