Germany have not lost 12 matches in a row. Genich, Dementyev and others appreciated the chance of Spain to interrupt their streak

germaniya ne proigryvaet 12 matchej podryad genich dementev i drugie otsenili shans ispanii prervat ih seriyu

In general, when such teams play, it is very difficult to make someone a favorite, because after all, it is not known how the match will turn out, how events will develop at all, therefore, it would be wrong to focus on someone. It is for this reason that we still want to remind that the teams are of a very high level, that both there and there are world football stars, therefore, it is not worth giving an ardent preference to someone. We start from the picture as a whole, we believe that after all, in this confrontation it is necessary to bet on the fact that the match will not be super-productive, and the teams will act as carefully as possible.

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