The head of Dynamo Solovyov: “We want the value of the team's players to aspire to 100 million euros. Now about 60 "

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Yuri Soloviev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dynamo, answered questions about the financial component of the club.

- The fans, as you yourself noticed, need victories, the last time the championship was in 1976. And now they will probably say that the roster is not champion. What is Dynamo's transfer budget?

- We have the club's budget, which is formed at the expense of receipts from the shareholder, - 5.5 billion rubles. Plus money from sponsors, of course.

When forming the transfer plan, we proceed from the needs for strengthening the composition, expediency and limitations dictated by the budget and the rules of financial fair play. Our task is to systematically strengthen the squad in accordance with our game model.

- How much does the club receive from sponsors?

- I have no right to disclose this data, there is a commercial secret and respect for the interests of partners.

But increasing the volume of funding from attracted sponsors is one of the important tasks that we set ourselves. I am glad that their list has been expanded over the past season.

For example, all our business lodges are constantly sold out in our country, although in terms of price indicators we are among the leaders among Moscow clubs.

- Can Dynamo have a big sponsor?

- I hope that in the ratio of sponsorship funds to VTB's money, we will come to a ratio of 50 to 50.

- Will Dynamo still have any big purchases in terms of transfers?

- In terms of money, everything is relative. But we are always focused on strengthening the roster.

If you look at the numbers, you can see a certain correlation between the value of players and the results. We want to reach a point where the total value of the players of the main team tends to reach 100 million euros.

Today it is about 60 million euros. This can be achieved not only through expensive purchases, but also through the growth in the value of our own players, - said Solovyov.

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