Griezmann on Messi: “Leo said he was ready to go to his death with me. We have a great relationship "

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Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann in an interview with Movistar talked about his relationship with Lionel Messi and the criticism he received after joining the Catalan club.

About moving to Barcelona

“I spoke to Leo when I arrived and he said he got angry when I turned down the first offer because he talked about this transfer publicly and I ended up turning it down. However, he said that after my transfer to his team, he is ready to go with me to death, and I feel it every day.

I admire Leo and he knows it. Messi and I have a great relationship. "

About criticism

“I accept it, because now we do not see the best Griezmann. But I feel that every time something happens, they talk about me first. For a year and a half, I had three coaches, it's not easy. It takes time to get used to the changes in the scheme and to the partners, but they must get used to me.

Besides, the [Barcelona] presidential candidates are also talking about me. I don’t think the best option for them is to discuss me, whether I’m a successful transfer or not. ”

On the words of ex-agent Olats and uncles

“I ended my relationship with him [Olats] from the day I got married. I invited him to the wedding, and he didn’t come, so I broke off my relationship with him.

He says because neither my father nor my sister speaks to the press, so they call him. But Leo knows that I respect and admire him.

My uncle doesn't understand how football works. As a result, the journalist fished out of him these words... I told Leo that I never spoke to him, I don't even have my uncle's phone number, ”said Griezmann.

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