Inter - Real: who will win? Genich and Rozanov gave predictions for the outcome of the match

inter real kto pobedit genich i rozanov dali prognozy na ishod matcha

In Group B, no one doubted the favoritism of Inter and Real Madrid, but both could be left with nothing. Madrid have a more enviable position, and after a draw (2: 2) with Gladbach, Zidane apparently found a solution to the problem - Hazard. The match with Huesca turned out to be indicative. A smart shot from afar, dribbling with the heel on Asensio, accelerating attacks, shifting to the flank, pulling in defenders to make room for a goal for Benzema. In a word, a clever game in details, where the main thesis: Azar does not play at the expense of partners, but by his actions creates better conditions for them.

All this undoubtedly helped to beat Inter, which did not advance further than draws with the Germans and Shakhtar, but lost in Madrid (3: 2). Of course, Conte then solved the problem of replacing the irreplaceable Lukaku, with a general regression of defense and motivation to win in general. Now Inter only needs to win, but Real comes to the city of mod after the Valencia defeat (4: 1) and only parity at a visit to Villarreal (1: 1), losing in both trips to rivals in xG (4.08 versus 1.71).

Inter in the last game after the break of the national teams, although it missed the first two goals from Torino, but deserved a comeback 4: 2 (3.75 xG versus 1.98 xG). In a game where Conte checked not only the option Sanchez, but also Lukaku, who, after recovering, repeated the double scored by the Danes in the national team. A new defeat in the return match to Real Madrid, combined with a simultaneous victory for Borussia, is a scenario that Conte doesn't even want to think about. Luckily for him, playing with Torino is a great recharge from a moral point of view, but Real will arrive in Milan spiritually devastated and with serious losses.

Sergio Ramos and Benzema did not fly to Italy - two players creating blancos for the best depth. The first is the captain, and the only one who is capable of giving the Real's defense strength, possessing incredible charisma and character to break the negative at key moments. Benzema, if not replacing Ronaldo, is a finisher and unshakable scorer of the creamy attack. So one Azar, playing for the team, will not be enough for Zidane, and Zinedine will still miss Militao and Valverde, and Jovic and Odriosola. Best defensive midfielder Casemiro has recovered from the coronavirus but has not yet trained with his teammates. His comeback to San Siro is also a question mark.

In this match, Brozovic and Kolarov, infected with covid, are not available to Inter, but the latter was unable to integrate into the defense of the Nerazzurri. However, defender Shkrinjar has been restored, so the defense with De Vrey and Bastogne will be the best possible. Of course, she can't guarantee Inter a rump, but the flanks with Young and Hakimi are obviously better on the creative side. The best regista Bastogne in the center will play against Gagliardini and Vidal, while Lukaku and Lautaru are reunited in the attack. Life match with objectively the best squad in modern realities.

Zidane will have to abandon 4-3-3, again playing the duo of Kroos and Modric in the holding zone. But they will have to hold back the onslaught of a hyper-motivated rival, and behind them is an outstanding defensive installation with Carvajal, Varan, Nacho and Mendy, in which only Barella can easily bite two people at once. Vinicius with Hazard and Asensio will build on Diaz. These four, undoubtedly, can cause trouble for Handanovic, but one can hardly believe in one hundred percent success of Madrid in Milan. Inter must at least avoid being defeated in a match with a total of at least two individual goals.

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