Kaminsky about the loss of the national team in the ski run: “We cannot prepare properly. The junior “chocolate” medals are more important to us than what will happen next ”

kaminskij o proigryshe sbornoj v lyzhnom hode my ne mozhem normalno podgotovitsya nam vazhnee yuniorskie shokoladnye medali chem to chto budet potom

The senior coach of the Russian men's biathlon team, Yuri Kaminsky, said that the problems of Russian biathletes with speed on the track come out of improper training at the junior age.

“Karim Khalili, of course, is great. The explanation for this result is four zeros at the boundaries. I would even say that he ran better on the move than usual. If we explain his loss at a distance, then it means that we train like this ... We cannot properly prepare. The junior "chocolate" medals are more important to us than what will come later.
Khalili is a junior world championship medalist, and now rivals from his generation - Sturla Legrade, Johannes Dale and others - are quietly beating him. And why? The preparation was based on the fact that by the age of 20, athletes have reached their peak. And now we have to somehow prepare in the national team, but this does not work.

Will Khalili run the relay? This is still a question that lies in the great analysis. We will take into account the condition of the athlete, I don’t know yet, ”said Kaminsky.

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