Kostornaya leads the Russian Grand Prix, Trusova fell, and Shcherbakova took off, the problems of Zenit and Real, the composition of the national team at the MFM and other news of the morning

kostornaya lidiruet na gran pri rossii trusova upala a shherbakova snyalas problemy zenita i reala sostav sbornoj na mchm i drugie novosti utra

1. Alena Kostornaya won the short program at the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix figure skating. The second place went to Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, who cleanly performed a triple axelbut was mistaken on a triple flip. Alexandra Trusova fell off an under-twisted triple axel and took third place, nevertheless earning warm words of support from Evgeni Plushenko... Anna Shcherbakova starred from the Grand Prix stage, they write that she has pneumonia.

Free programs today - Kostornaya is in the lead, but not everyone believes in her final victory.

In men after a short program the first is the representative of Georgia Moris Kvitelashvili.

2. Named expanded composition of the Russian national team at MFM-2021 - it includes Askarov, Podkolzin and Amirov, who returned to Salavat and helped the team beat Spartak.

3. Real Madrid continue to suffer losses - Ramos and Benzema will miss the match with Villarreal due to injuries, and the punisher of the Russian national team Jovic coronavirus detected... The reserved usually Zidane run out of patience because of such a frantic schedule.

Zenit's situation is no better - with Akhmat Driussi and Wendel will not play... The Argentinian should return to the match with Lazio, but there is no information on the recovery of the Brazilian yet... Rumored to be Zenit wants to return the Hulkbut in fact the club probably other market priorities.

4. Fedor Chalov extended contract with CSKA until 2024. But what about the nuclear submarine?

5. To the Moscow RPL matches allowed to let viewers in, limiting attendance to 25 percent on the capacity of arenas.

6. Djokovic beat Zverev and reached the semifinals of the final tournament for the ninth time. Tim is waiting for him there. In the second semi-final Medvedev will play with Nadal, both matches will be held today.

7. AS Monaco slammed PSG (3: 2) in the 11th round of Ligue 1, losing 0: 2 by the break. Mbappe took a double and finished in 5th place in goals in a Parisian club.

8. In the KHL "Salavat" interrupted a 5-match winning streak "Spartak". Shootout screwed up goalkeeper of red and white Gudachek. "Knight" beat Severstal, excellent shape typed Danforth.

9. Fans caught Antoine Griezmann at the Barça base and began to shout to him: "Respect Messi!". It looks like from Leo's shadow the Frenchman never gets out.

10. Vasily Utkin said that the ex-producer of Match TV Natalya Bilan will take a managerial post in Okko Sport.

11. Roman Rotenberg is one of the initiators of the postponement of the 2021 World Cup from Belarus to Russia.

12. Khabib Nurmagomedov awarded the medal "Best Mom".

13. Georgy Yartsev hospitalized with suspected pneumonia, the test for coronavirus is negative.

Quotes of the day

Mesut Ozil: “Islamophobia is growing in Europe. We must disarm these manifestations with kindness "

Klopp on player salaries: “There are actors who will never become Bond. As a Bond, you earn more than others. "

Gennady Orlov: “Zabolotny lacks a football brain. This is a bad copy of Dziuba "

Alexey Urmanov: “Lipnitskaya looked like a small hunted animal. After 3-4 months she turned into a normal child "

Rapino on racism: “I got down on one knee to point out the superiority of whites. They took it to heart, which is strange. "

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