Cup of Russia. Samarin, Gumennik, Kovalev and Erokhov will go on the ice with short programs

kubok rossii samarin gumennik kovalev i erohov vyjdut na led s korotkimi programmami

On October 10, in Moscow, at the second stage of the Russian Figure Skating Cup, men will take to the ice with short programs.

Russian Figure Skating Cup

2nd stage



Short program

Start - 14:20 Moscow time, Live Stream - the site of the First Channel.

First warm-up

1. Alexey Erokhov - 71.25

2. Artem Lezheev - 83.32

3. Nikita Vakhrushev - 48.01

4. Mark Kondratyuk - 77.01

Second warm-up

5. Anton Shulepov - 74.22

6.Alexander Samarin - 82.77

7. Evgeny Semenenko - 85.83

8. Artem Kovalev - 83.85

9. Peter Gumennik

Schedule of broadcasts of the second stage of the Russian Cup in Moscow

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