Liverpool are the favorite against Leicester even without five main players. The victory of Klopp's team is expected with a probability of 52%

liverpul favorit protiv lestera dazhe bez pyati igrokov osnovy pobedu komandy kloppa zhdut s veroyatnostyu 52
Liverpool - Leicester prediction from user "SUPERPRESS-3"

If you look at the history of the confrontations, then the team defeated Leicester with an indecent 4: 0 score in an extreme, face-to-face meeting, which was quite a long time ago. And in general, in fact, Klopp's wards somehow positively and positively tune in to their opponent and constantly show great results. If you look, you can easily see that Liverpool is head and shoulders stronger in head-to-head meetings, although in most matches, of course, Leicester finds his goals scored, we believe that in this fight they simply have to find their goal, because which are in very good shape today.

Liverpool - Leicester prediction from user Lucky luchiano

So, what can I say, in my opinion, everything is obvious. Liverpool is highly overrated. Everyone decided, after watching the match with city, that Liverpool could play well even without their TOPs. But what happened in the match with city? A goal scored from the penalty spot, the city has not scored a foam, and therefore the score is 1-1. And then, the city now, this is far from the city that we are used to seeing. Let's remember yesterday's match with Tottenham, where they lost 2-0. And to speak, Liverpool is at Anfield. Guys, in modern football, the home stadium has long ceased to play an important role, and even more so in the realities of the current epidemiological situation. Lester, on the other hand, picked up speed. There are no losses in the lineup. Victory is needed more than ever. Both play in European cups, and both teams have not so hot rivals, so the rotation of the roster is not expected. Therefore, I think that you can safely take a gift from bookmakers - a positive head start at Leicester, and even with such a odds. I think that with a gap of 2 goals, these guys will certainly not lose

Liverpool - Leicester prediction from user Rodion Semenkov

Nobody believes in Leicester, even the bookmakers do not give them a chance to win, but the foxes never give up and give odds to eminent clubs, again, we must not forget that the best scorer of England plays in Leicester, while Liverpool is now one line lower and they have obvious problems with the main line-up - Salah, who is the best player in the world, and Van Dijk, playing in a defensive position. The clubs will not join each other, but it will be very difficult for Liverpool.

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