The Netherlands and Belgium come close to Russia in the UEFA odds table, Portugal is still ahead

niderlandy i belgiya priblizilis k rossii v tablitse koeffitsientov uefa portugaliya eshhe otorvalas

Russian clubs again had a bad UEFA European Cup match this week, and this is reflected in the UEFA odds table.

CSKA drew at home with Feyenoord (0: 0) in the 4th round of the Europa League. In the Champions League, Zenit lost to Lazio (1: 3), Krasnodar - Sevilla (1: 2), and Lokomotiv shared points with Atlético (0: 0).

Russia, which is in seventh place, scored 0.667 points in four games and has 37.882 points in the table.

Portugal, which is sixth, scored 1.4 points (44.349 in total in the table), increasing the lead over Russia to 6.467 points. In the Champions League, Porto defeated Marseille (2: 0), in the Europa League, Braga did not concede to Leicester (3: 3), and Benfica drew with the Rangers (2: 2).

In addition, the Netherlands came close to Russia, occupying the eighth place. Now the gap is 2.082 points instead of 2.949 (the association has a total of 35.800 points). In the Champions League, Ajax beat Midtjylland (3: 1), and in the Europa League, apart from Feyenoord, PSV scored points, defeating PAOK (3: 2), and AZ - a draw with Real Sociedad (0: 0).

Belgium, which is in ninth place, has also approached Russia. The gap decreased from 3.249 points to 2.782 (the association has a total of 35.100 points). In the Champions League, Club Brugge lost to Borussia Dortmund (0: 3), but in the Europa League, Antwerp beat LASK (2: 0), and Standard - Lech (2: 1), Gent lost "Red Star" (0: 2).

Recall that the sixth line in the UEFA rankings gives the country the right to two direct tickets to the group stage of the Champions League (plus one to qualifying) and one to the group stage of the Europa League (plus two to qualifying).

Associations from 7th to 15th places delegate 5 teams to European cups: 2 to the Champions League, 3 to the Europa League. 7th-9th places each enter one team for the Champions League group plus one for the 3rd qualifying round, as well as one team for the Europa League group and two for the qualification for the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

This season, Russia has three teams in the Champions League group thanks to Krasnodar's qualifying round, and next season there will be only two in the tournament - the champion will go directly to the group, and the team that took second place in the Premier League will play in qualifications.

Our clubs in Europe have a race: who is worse? CSKA did not win and remained the last, although the half was in the majority

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