Jumping festival at the team tournament in Moscow. Valieva, Trusova, Shcherbakova, Aliev and Kolyada will take to the ice

pryzhkovyj festival na komandnom turnire v moskve valieva trusova shherbakova aliev i kolyada vyjdut na led

On February 5, at the team tournament of the Russian national figure skating team in Moscow, a jumping festival will be held.

In the first round, each team will jump four different elements - the skaters will agree on who will perform which jump. In the second round, the participants will show their most difficult jumps, in the third, each skater will make a cascade of five jumps.

Team tournament of the Russian national team


February 5th

Jumping Festival

Start - 15.00 Moscow time



Kamila Valieva

Alexandra Trusova

Anna Shcherbakova

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva


Dmitry Aliev

Makar Ignatov

Mikhail Kolyada

Andrey Mozalev

In the first round, Kamila Valieva and Mikhail Kolyada cleanly performed a cascade of triple lutz - triple toe loop. Elizaveta Tuktamysheva fell from a triple axel, Makar Ignatov made a clean jump. 

Aleksandra Trusova performed a quadruple lutz with an exit mark (touchdown), Dmitry Aliev jumped cleanly. Anna Shcherbakova unmistakably jumped a cascade of a quadruple flip - a triple toe loop. Andrey Mozalev also performed this cascade cleanly, but with lower scores.

After the first round, men are in the lead - 68.70 points. The women scored 67.22 points. 

In the second round, Tuktamysheva cleanly performed the triple axel. Kolyada fell from a quadruple sheepskin coat. Trusova unmistakably performed the quadruple lutz, having received the highest marks from all the judges, Makar Ignatov fell from the quadruple rittberger. 

Shcherbakova cleanly jumped the quadruple lutz, the same jump was cleanly made by Aliev. Valieva jumped a quadruple toe loop for maximum marks. Mozalev made a quadruple flip with an under-spin and a mistake on the road. 

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