Champions League

Raffle 1/8: Lowdown

rozygrysh 1 8 finala lowdown

rozygrysh 1 8 finala lowdown

When is that?

The draw will take place at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland on Monday 14 December. Live Stream here starts at 12:00 CET.

Who is involved?

Eight group winners (seeded) and eight runners-up (no seeds) will participate in the draw.

Seeded Teams

Bayern (Germany, Group A)
7 more group winners to be confirmed

Unoccupied Teams

8 runner-up groups

Qualified (position to be confirmed)

Barcelona (ESP, G)
Chelsea (ENG, E)
Juventus (ITA, G)
Man. City (ENG, C)
Seville (ESP, E)

How does the giveaway work?

  • In the return leg, the seeded players play at home.
  • No team may play for a club from its UEFA Champions League group or a team from the same national association.
  • Further restrictions will be confirmed prior to the draw.

When do connections start?

The first rounds of 16 are scheduled for February 15 and 16, and the return matches on March 16 and 17. The match kicks off at 21:00 CET. The draw for the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals will take place on 19 March.

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