Semak about replacing Dziuba: “This is to diversify the game. The defenders won the fight against Artyom "

semak o zamene dzyuby eto chtoby raznoobrazit igru zashhitniki vyigryvali u artema borbu

Zenit head coach Sergei Semak commented on the decision to replace forward Artyom Dziuba in the Champions League match with Borussia Dortmund (0: 2), answering a question from former Spartak midfielder Alexander Mostovoy on Match TV.

- Artyom didn't manage to cling to the balls, was the replacement connected with this?

- Yes, it is connected with this. To diversify the game, because the central defenders [Borussia] won a lot of the fight against Artem, it was necessary to change.

They released [Andrey] Mostovoy, but, unfortunately, he still needs to gain experience, he was too scattered. And the position that was important was to keep, to use the chance. There is still a lot of work to do, ”Semak said.

Dzyuba was replaced by Mostovoy during the half-time match between Zenit and Borussia

Dziuba has not scored in 3 Champions League matches in a row. Zenit lost in all cases

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