Serbia - Russia: Who Will Win? Genich and Dementyev gave predictions for the outcome of the match

serbiya rossiya kto pobedit genich i dementev dali prognozy na ishod matcha

In the last round of the group stage of the League of Nations, Serbia will meet with Russia. The match between them will take place in Belgrade.

The defining round in this group begins. The Russians did not succeed in guaranteeing themselves an exit in the last game with Turkey. Now they share the first place with Hungary and are still ahead of it. But the Turks are looming behind, which, under certain circumstances, can also take first place and reach the playoffs. Victory is the only thing that suits Cherchesov's team now. A draw is too risky a result.

Serbia, in turn, also needs a victory, but for different reasons. This team still has a chance to keep its registration in League B. To do this, the Serbs need to beat Russia and hope for a major loss to Turkey, from which they are just three points behind.

But I think that Russia, of course, should win this game. And it's not just the situation in the group. Cherchesov's team performed very well in the match with Turkey. Of course, the judges' decisions let down very much. So, in the game, the Russians had to take three points.

It also says nothing about the fact that the Serbs have a great chance of winning this meeting. They have never won this League of Nations competition. Specifically, Serbia lost to Russia in the first match - 1: 3.

The Russians show a certain freshness of ideas without Dziuba in the attack. In full force, Cherchesov's team could not reveal itself in the last game due to early removal and forced substitutions. Now in the match with Serbia, I think we will see a landslide victory for Russia.

Here, I think, everything is simple. I propose to bet on the victory of the Russians in this meeting. They need points, and there is anger after the defeat from Turkey, and the opponent is weak.

Source: Vseprosport

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