City to win 17th straight game, odds 72%. Rozanov and Gutsait gave predictions for the game with Everton

siti pobedit v 17 m matche podryad veroyatnost 72 rozanov i guttsajt dali prognozy na igru s evertonom

At least a favorite, half? fish, even half meat, in fact, no less, only our famous MC can score less, he should have stayed with Newcastle, did not finish off the finish, did not put the squeeze on, so I think the scenario will remain the same, although the opponent is not huhry muhry, Ash Brighton, how did he get there, I was shocked, after last year's season, I will not spray, but God forbid Man blows a draw better than a cheap walk across the field, represented by 1: 0, and so on, and there are examples of this. angry and very dangerous, it is better not to wake the beast in the face of Brighton.Msi victory F (+1.5)

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