Borussia stewards escorted Zenit fans to the stadium without checking their accreditation (Sport24)

styuardy borussii proveli fanatov zenita na stadion ne proveriv akkreditatsii sport24

Several fans of Zenit got to the closed to the public match of the Champions League with Borussia (0: 2) in Dortmund due to the fault of the stewards.

A source familiar with the situation told Sport24 that Borussia's stewards escorted Zenit fans to the stadium themselves, making a mistake and not checking their accreditation.

Zenit fans introduced themselves as journalists, showing only their passports and a certificate stating that they were not infected with the coronavirus.

Now Borussia can receive a punishment from UEFA for admitting unaccredited people to the stadium.

UEFA has also made a request on this situation to Zenit, but has not yet received a response.

Borussia believes that Zenit made accreditations to fans for access to the stadium. The German club contacted UEFA.

One of the photos from the game showed a man in a T-shirt with the words Music Hall (this is one of the Zenith fan groups - approx., he was standing in a place reserved for the press.

Another photo shows how four hooded men are carrying a flag with the inscription "Northern Bastion" (the name of another group of Zenit fans - approx.

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