Tikhonov about Guberniev: “This condom and vile man is pouring water on Zhenya Garanichev before the World Cup. There is no one to replace him - is that understandable? "

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Four-time Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov commented on the open letter to Match TV commentator Dmitry Guberniev, which was posted on his website. 

“We had a bunch of world champions that no one remembers. All former world champions have grandchildren, great-grandchildren, relatives who would like to hear a kind word.

And before the World Cup, this condom and a mean man pours water on Zhenya Garanicheva. We have no other, we have no one to replace him - can this be understood?

More than two million obscenities are written to Guberniev's address on all websites! What else do you want? Who was the initiator? Horse in a coat. So write. But not Tikhonov. As soon as I was prompted, I signed.

There are surnames there. What is incomprehensible to you? We applied. For a normal person, everything is clear there. What do you want? Guberniev must understand, but he says that he will give a fuck about everything. Thanks to biathlon, Guberniev received so much negativity! " - said Tikhonov. 

"In pursuit of cheap popularity, you do not hesitate by any means." Tikhonov, Privalov and others signed an open letter to Guberniev

Guberniev about an open letter addressed to him: “The genre of collective denunciation is alive. Only you won't devour me, choke "

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