UEFA admitted that there was no racism in the words of the referee of the PSG - Istanbul match in the Champions League. Koltseska will not be punished

uefa priznal chto v slovah sudi matcha pszh istanbul v lch ne bylo rasizma koltsesku ne nakazhut

UEFA did not find any racism in the words of referee Sebastian Koltsescu, who worked in the Champions League group stage match between PSG and Istanbul.

Let us remind you that the match was stopped in the 14th minute after the reserve referee Sebastian Koltsescu used the word “black” in relation to the coach of “Istanbul” Pier Vebo. The footballers refused to continue playing. The match was played out only the next day and ended with the victory of the Parisians with a score of 5: 1.

According to ProSport, the UEFA investigation into this episode has been completed and Koltsesk will not be sanctioned. It is alleged that UEFA did not find any manifestations of racism in the words of the referee.

Using video footage of the game, the commission found that Koltsescu used the phrase “this black” to help head referee Ovidiu Hatsegan to identify the Istanbul coach.

According to linguistic expertise, in the Romanian language the wording “this black” has no negative meaning or negative connotations, and the expression used cannot be called offensive. Moreover, the word “black” is often used by anti-racist organizations.

It is noted that the Romanian word “negru” cannot be perceived in the meaning of the English word “negro”.

“You never say 'white guy'. Why did you say 'this black guy'? " Demba Ba - the judge who called Vebo "black"

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