Zenit and Krasnodar kicked out of the Champions League, Barça, Juve and Chelsea advanced to the playoffs, Kharitonov and Yandiev made up, Cherchesov's greyhound interview and other morning news

zenit i krasnodar vykinuli iz lch barsa yuve i chelsi vyshli v plej off haritonov i yandiev pomirilis borzoe intervyu cherchesova i drugie novosti utra

1. Only 4 rounds have passed, and we have already failed the Champions League. Krasnodar took off first - with Sevilla it was going to a draw, but in the end, the bulls started playing in the attack and conceded in the 95th minute. Krasnodar was only remembered Wanderson's miss on an empty goal and dismantling Kayo and Gazinsky right on the field. Musaev already has six defeats in the last eight matches.

"Zenith" got three rubles from Lazio in Rome and also said goodbye to the Champions League. Quite could get all sevenbut several times rescued Kerzhakov... Semak after the match complained about the limit and injuries, and Dziuba resented cowardly football teams. Peter again will not see the Champions League playoffs, and the team's streak without victories in the tournament is already five matches

2. Barcelona, Juventus, Chelsea and Sevilla ahead of schedule guaranteed themselves tickets to the 1/8 finals... Catalans defeated Kiev "Dynamo", and "Juve" snatched a victory over "Ferencvaros" thanks to Morata's goal in stoppage time... Cristiano also scored - already in the 15th consecutive UEFA Champions League season.

"MJ" won a major victory over "Istanbul" and led his group, and "Borussia" carried out "Brugge" - Holland scored 15 goals fastest in the Champions League (Dziuba, for example, has 9 for the entire time, and this is a record for Russian footballers). All results of the day - here.

3. Stanislav Cherchesov came to the studio "Match TV" and more than an hour fired back at uncomfortable questions Denis Kazansky. Resign after the Serbia fiasco the coach did not plan, about the replacement and statements about Guilherme, he no regrets... In Sobolev's injury the national team is not to blame, Safonova not involved in the case (and it seems like a covid to him will do good), and Zabolotny much more useful than Chalov... Cherchesov's manner of communication touched many - and not only journalists, but also fellow trainers.

4. Kharitonov and Yandiev made up: Adam apologized, Sergei accepted them and thanked fate for this event.

5. A criminal case has been initiated in relation to the magazine that published material about Plushenko's son... And in it a lot of weirdness.

6.Vladimir Putin by telegram congratulated Daniil Medvedev on his victory at the final tournament.

7. Man City prepared a 10-year plan for Messi and is ready to give him a job at the end of his career. Samuel Eto'o already advises Barça look for Leo's replacementbut club presidential candidate Victor Font assures that he will not let him go anywhere.

8. Vladimir Zhirinovsky criticized Channel One for showing the Russian Grand Prix - hugs and kisses infuriated him most of all.

9. Khabib turned to Dana White in insta: "See you soon." Really come back?

10. Members of the Supervisory Board of RUSADA January 1 will be exempted... They were the ones who recommended the dismissal of Ganus.

11. In the KHL "Avtomobilist" lost the third match in a rowconceding 5 goals from Torpedo, Lokomotiv have suffered their fourth defeat in their last five matches - this time from Dynamo Minsk. More worse results at "Barys", and "Jokerit" smashed Moscow Dynamo. All results of the day - here.

12. Outstanding Russian handball player Konstantin Igropulo retired.

Quotes of the day

 Artem Dzyuba: "Until we change the mentality, we will be clamped down and afraid"

Cherchesov about Chalov: "It's better for me" talentless "Zabolotny than a talent that does nothing"

Tina Kandelaki: “There is no culture of consumption of paid sports content in Russia. People don't get richer "

Ilya Averbukh: "I think Zagitova was very upset with criticism after the first broadcast of" Ice Age ", but she never showed it"

Naguchev about Cherchesov's interview: “Coaches don't behave like that. Kings, leaders, overlords - perhaps. You haven't heard any off-air remarks yet. "

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